Apr 14, 2012

Why me?

Here’s what I have to offer the fashion industry: I care. I really do, I care about people a lot.

I care about my models, I care about my hair and makeup team, I care about my clients and possibly most importantly I care about my followers. I just love people and am very sensitive to how others are feeling. At first I thought it was a drawback. People told me when I moved here “you’re too nice”. Guess what, I think that’s my greatest strength! Sure on occasion people will take advantage of it but I maintain that is my biggest asset. I just got an agent in Paris. How? I worked on a job with him and he liked my energy. He wanted to work with me because I am no drama and have a pretty zen mentality about most things. I don’t stress out too easily.

I’m good at what I do, sure, that is foremost but after that I think the most important thing is to just care about people! It seems this is not a common thing and that saddens me. I know I want to be cared about, by my friends and family but also by the people I do business with. If we all did that, if we all genuinely thought about and gave a shit about how the person in front of us or the person on the other side of the screen was feeling imagine how different the landscape of business would be.

So I give you this. I may not be the biggest or best photographer out there (yet) but if you work with me I guarantee that you are going to get a sense of my compassion. I want to do the best job I can do and I want everyone to be happy and comfortable. I try at least, I know it’s not possible to please everyone all the time but I do my best and that’s all we can really do.

I want to change fashion. I want it to be not so filled with egos and assholes. There’s no need for that. In this competitive world now, there is no room for it either. Even the best in the world can’t afford to be assholes anymore. There’s someone waiting in the wings who is just as talented and not such a pain in the ass to work with. Don’t be an asshole. Care about people, and not just because it will make you a better business person (it will) but do it for humanity. Do it for yourself. You’ll get it back in spades I promise.